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Why Buy Your Next Safe from Curley’s Keyshop

Why Buy Your Next Safe from Curley’s Keyshop

Curley’s Keyshop has over 50 years of experience in residential & commercial safes

safes-2If you are considering purchasing a new safe for home or business use, come to Curley’s Keyshop. We have a nice selection of safes from some of the top name brands in the industry, plus the years of experience needed to help you choose wisely between them. Here are some more reasons to do your safe shopping at Curley’s Keyshop.

We Listen to Your Needs

Because people use their safes for different items and for different reasons, there are many different safe sizes and features to choose from. For example, if you just want to store some vital documents that are important to you but of no value to thieves, a small, portable 1.2-1.3 cubic foot safe would probably meet your needs. If you want to store larger items a bigger safe would be in order, and if you are very concerned about theft you might want to consider a bolt-down kit or a hidden wall safe. The important thing to know is that when you come to Curley’s Keyshop, we’ll have you describe all the features of your dream safe, listen to you carefully, and then only show you safes that fulfil your needs.

We Explain Safe Ratings & Features

Another benefit of shopping in person at Curley’s Keyshop as opposed to online is that we can explain various safe ratings and other features to you in detail. For example, many safes come with a fire protection rating indicating that your valuables will be able to survive a fire. But do you know what these ratings mean? At Curley’s Keyshop we’ll explain it to you so that you understand the degree of protection offered by each rating and what types of items will be protected. We can also explain theft-resistance ratings as well as other security features such as electronic or combination locking mechanisms.

We Install & Service Safes

One final reason to buy your next safe from Curley’s Keyshop is that you will already have built a relationship with an expert locksmith that can service your new safe. We can not only install your safe for you (in cases where the safe is very heavy or requires a bolt-down kit), but also service it. You will be especially glad to know that we can provide unlocking services for any type of safe, so you don’t have to worry about losing access to your valuables if you forget your safe combination or misplace your key.

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