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Superior Safes and Services

At Curley’s Key Shop, we’re more than just locksmiths and a lock and key store. In addition to our automotive, commercial and residential locksmith services we also specialize in the sale, service and installations of safes for your home or business.


New Safe Sales Pomona Ca

We carry a vast range of safes from some of the market’s top manufacturers. Our staff and technicians are happy to help you find the right safe for your needs. Keep your property and assets secure with a new safe from Curley’s Key Shop in Pomona Ca.

New Safe Installations Pomona Ca


Whether you’re putting in a new safe or are having an older one installed in a new location, our knowledgeable technicians have the necessary training and experience to ensure your unit is properly and securely installed.

Safe Service & Repair Pomona Ca

In addition to new safe sales and installations, our technicians are able to service and repair most safe makes and models. We can get safes opened that have had the keys or combinations lost as well as change the combination on your safe or lock. Our technicians can even retro fit your unit with a digital keypad locking mechanism. Call Curleys Key Shop today for help with Your safe!

No matter what you’re looking for, Curley’s Key Shop has your security product and safes in Pomona, CA needs covered. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services or visit us at our retail location in Pomona to check out our wide selection of safes and other security products.


  • Gun Safes

    Having a quality gun safe to hold your firearms is vital for your safety and security. At Curley’s Keyshop, we carry a variety of high-quality gun safes with fire ratings ranging from 30 to 120 minutes. Choose from full size gun safes or lockboxes to secure individual weapons. We can help you select the right gun safe for your needs and customize it with lock upgrades, dehumidifiers, and other accessories.

  • Residential Safes

    Whether you are looking to secure cash, jewelry, personal papers, or any other items of value, Curley’s Keyshop can help. We carry many different types of residential safes, including portable safes, free-standing chests, wall safes, and even floor safes. Our expert locksmiths can help you install your residential safe in a way that maximizes its theft-resistant properties.

  • Commercial Safes

    If you have significant amounts of cash or valuable inventory on hand at your business, a commercial safe from Curley’s Keyshop can help you secure it. We offer all kinds of safes, including undercounter safes for convenient storage of excess cash and standalone chest safes for holding inventory and other valuables. We especially recommend lift-out floor safes, which are virtually impervious to fire, water, and theft when installed in concrete.

  • Locks

    Lost the key to your safe or forgot the combination? Call Curley’s Keyshop. We can open most safe locks and reset manual and digital combination locks. We can also help you upgrade the lockset on your current safe to improve security or address access management needs. For example, we can install a spyproof dial, a time lock, or even a fingerprint lock.

  • Luxury Fire & Burglary Safes

    If you’re serious about home security, you need a serious luxury safe. At Curley’s Keyshop, we carry an excellent selection of safes rated to withstand the heat of a fire for up to 120 minutes and the attack of a determined thief for up to 30 minutes. We can help you choose the type of safe and locking mechanism that is right for you and install it in a discreet yet convenient location in your home.

  • Cash Management, Deposit & Smart Safes

    Take advantage of a state of the art CashWizard safe and enjoy improved security at your cash-intensive business. This high-tech cash management safe includes cash counting and deposit tracking features as well as a robust access control system that allows you to track transactions by user, shift, and business day. The safe is protected by a thick steel case and can be paired with mounting hardware for extra protection against theft.

  • U.L. Listed High Security

    We take pride in stocking safes that have passed rigorous testing by the independent auditor Underwriter’s Laboratories. When you purchase a safe rated either UL 15 or UL 30, you know that it features solid construction and quality locking mechanisms and is guaranteed to resist attack with common mechanical and electrical tools for 15 or 30 minutes. Considering most thieves are looking for a quick and easy score, this amount of protection is more than sufficient for most applications.

  • Pharmacy & Narcotics Safes

    Businesses that keep high-value, high-target medications on hand are at high risk for robbery and internal theft. Fortunately, a safe from Curley’s Keyshop can help reduce this risk. We offer two sizes of steel pharmacy safes designed to replace freestanding cabinets or countertop units. The safes can be equipped with shelves or drawers and feature high-security locks to protect your valuable medications.