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Prepping for the School Season – Don’t Forget Home Safety!

Prepping for the School Season – Don’t Forget Home Safety!

A confident little boy smiles for the camera as he embraces his father after the first day of school. He has just ridden the school bus home.

As the school season rolls around and the scramble to get ready ensues, let’s not neglect the vital issue of home safety. Particularly for families where children come back to an empty house, ensuring their safety is paramount. The good news is that the experts at Curley’s Key Shop are here to help! Keep reading for some strategies to boost your family’s safety as school swings back into action.

1) Write Down Essential Phone Numbers

While smartphones simplify life, relying solely on them can be precarious. Compile a list of crucial phone numbers and pin it on the fridge or someplace visible. It should include the local police, fire department, your mobile and office numbers, the vet, poison control, and the numbers of nearby relatives or trusted neighbors.

2) Create a Home Security Checklist

For high schoolers coming back to an empty house, age doesn’t equate to automatic safety. Craft a home security checklist for your children and familiarize them with it. Guidelines might include not admitting anyone into the house, keeping doors locked, switching on exterior lights, enabling the home alarm system, and confirming their safe return home.

3) Consider a CCTV System

For added safety, consider CCTV surveillance. With cameras within and outside your home, you can monitor activities around your premises. This not only enhances home protection but also serves as a constant reminder for your kids to adhere to house rules.

4) Restraining Curiosity

Children, especially when bored, may feel tempted to explore “forbidden” areas of your home. To avoid them getting into harm’s way with items like prescription drugs, alcohol, or weapons, secure these in locked cabinets or safes.

Boosting Home Security with Curley’s Key Shop

Want to fortify your home security even more? Look no further than Curley’s Key Shop. For 73 years, we’ve been providing top-notch residential locksmith services that you can rely on. Our range of services includes CCTV system installation, high-security locks, gun safes, cabinet and door locks, padlocks, and more.

Preparing your family for the school season should not compromise your home security. With our simple yet effective tips and the professional assistance of Curley’s Key Shop, you can rest easy knowing your home is a secure haven for your kids. If you are ready to level up your home security, contact Curley’s Key Shop today at 909-622-6716 for top-tier locksmith services.

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