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Do I Need an Access Control System for my Business?

Do I Need an Access Control System for my Business?

Do I Need an Access Control System for my Business?

Let’s face it, keeping your business safe and secure is essential. It is your livelihood and you want to make sure it is secure. One way to do that is by installing an access control system. Not sure what an access control system is or how it can help secure your business? Keep reading to learn a bit more about access control systems and what Curley’s Key Shop can do for you.

The Basics of an Access Control System

An access control system is essentially an electronic security system. Doors are outfitted with electronic readers and employees are provided access cards or FOBs. These access cards or FOBs are programmed to grant employees access to specific buildings, areas, and rooms. If they swipe a card and have access to that area, the door will unlock. If they are not permitted to enter the area, the door will not unlock.

Benefits of an Access Control System

The biggest benefit of an access control system is that it greatly enhances security. You will be able to control via computer what employees have access to what doors and what times they have access. If after work hours you do not want anyone to enter the building, you can deny access after a specific time. If you only want certain employees to be able to access certain areas, you can control that too. Plus, instead of carrying around a large ring of keys, employees only need one key card or FOB because their access is programmed via computer.

This also makes your workplace safer because only authorized individuals with cards can enter. You do not need to worry about disgruntled ex-employees with keys still having access to the building as you can shut off their access cards as soon as they are terminated.

Overall, access control systems are great for increasing the efficiency with which employees move through your facility and improving your security.

Contact Curley’s Key Shop today to request an access control system!

Let’s face it, your business is your livelihood and if anything happens to it, you are in trouble. The good news is that an access control system can help keep your business secure and Curley’s Key Shop is here to help with that. We have 73 years of experience selling and installing access control systems and our skilled team of locksmiths would be happy to help boost your security. Give us a call today at 909-622-6716 to discuss your needs and see how we can help!

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