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Try These DIY Home Security Tips If You’re Stuck at Home During the Pandemic

Try These DIY Home Security Tips If You’re Stuck at Home During the Pandemic

Try These DIY Home Security Tips If You’re Stuck at Home During the Pandemic

Do you find yourself having much more time than normal on your hands? If you are not sure what to do with all the free time that you have on hand, how about taking advantage of the following DIY home security tips?

  1. Try to burglarize your own home
  2. One of the first things to do when boosting your home security is finding the weak areas. Take a half-hour or an hour going around your home trying to break in. Don’t kick down the front door or smash a window, but look for obvious weak spots. Note entrances that outdoor lights don’t illuminate or windows that frequently get left unlocked. Then, address those issues.

  3. Tidy up the landscaping
  4. Your landscaping can actually help or hinder burglars depending on the state of it. If you have bushes and trees that shield burglars from view, they should be trimmed back. Alternatively, if you’re looking to utilize your landscaping for home security, consider planting rose bushes or other prickly plants underneath first-floor windows.

  5. Buy and install new locks if you just moved in
  6. If you recently moved into a new home, you should buy and install new locks immediately. You don’t know whether the previous owner turned over all of their keys. And, even if they did, that doesn’t mean they remembered to get back the one they left with their babysitter or neighbor.

  7. Brighten up the outdoors with more lights
  8. Every potential entrance to your home should be illuminated. Potential burglars like to stay in the shadows and avoid detection. If you have motion sensor lights around the entrances of your home, it could deter their criminal activity.

  9. Install deadbolts on exterior doors
  10. Deadbolts are a great way to bolster the security of your home. If installed correctly, with long screws that sink into 2×4’s and not just drywall, deadbolts can help keep the contents and occupants of your home safe.

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If you’re going crazy staying home during the pandemic, that’s understandable. What’s also understandable is that you’re probably sick of baking and doing puzzles to pass the time. If you want to do something productive, how about a little DIY home security? By installing motion sensor light, changing the locks and adding some deadbolts, you can really boost the security of your home. However, if you want professional-grade security, you can call Curley’s Key Shop at 909-622-6716. We’ll be happy to come out and go through a list of quality options to boost your home security.

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