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Spring Landscaping and DIY Projects Help Protect Your Home!

Spring Landscaping and DIY Projects Help Protect Your Home!

Spring Landscaping and DIY Projects Help Protect Your Home!

Do you want to keep your home and family safe from burglars? We have good news for you! You can improve your home security while doing your spring landscaping projects and other housework! Don’t believe us? If you are wondering how spring landscaping projects and other work around the house can help protect your home, keep reading!

  1. Plant thorny bushes near your points of entry
  2. Think about it…would a burglar want to thwart off a pesky rose bush while struggling to shimmy through a first-floor window? Criminals look for the easiest ways into a home and if yours is protected by a thorny rose bush or other prickly bush or shrub, chances are that they might pass it up and look for another house. So, if you’re planning to do some planting this spring, consider some rose bushes underneath your first-floor windows!

  3. Trim back bushes and shrubs from doors and windows
  4. Burglars like to work undetected and hide in the shadows. If you trim back all of the shrubs, bushes or trees from your house, it doesn’t leave many spaces for burglars to hide as they creep around and try to gain entry. That fact alone is likely enough to make them skip your house.

  5. Install motion-sensor lights around the home
  6. Since you are already up on a ladder cleaning out your gutters, how about throwing up a few solar-powered motion sensor lights around your house? These lights go on whenever they sense motion, illuminating the back, front or side of your house. Criminals don’t like being in the spotlight so they will often scurry away to avoid detection!

  7. Make sure your landscaping and lawn is well-maintained  
  8. Another tip to keep in mind is that burglars like to hit homes when no one is around. They look for signs that people are out of town or on vacation. One sign of this is an overgrown lawn that hasn’t been tended to in a week or more. Be sure to ask a family member or hire someone to mow your lawn while you’re away so your house doesn’t show up on their radar!

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