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Five Reasons That You Should Purchase a Gun Safe for Your Guns

Five Reasons That You Should Purchase a Gun Safe for Your Guns

Five Reasons That You Should Purchase a Gun Safe for Your Guns

If you have a gun, you should really have a gun safe. While some people argue it defeats the purpose of having a gun for safety, there are many reasons why you should actually keep your guns locked up in a safe. Keep reading to learn more about why you should purchase a gun safe to keep people—and your guns—safe.

  1. Keep Gun Safety in Mind
  2. The fundamental rule of gun safety is to control who has access to your guns. If you do not have a gun safe, essentially anyone who accesses your home has access to your guns. That includes your family, friends, housekeepers, and any other visitors. If you want to promote safety, a gun safe is the best way to do that.

  3. Protect Children in the House
  4. If you have a gun in the house and a child, they should be locked away in a gun safe. All it takes is a minute of being unsupervised for children to get their hands on a gun and the results can be absolutely devastating.

  5. The Law Requires It  
  6. There is no federal law requiring it, but 25 states and the District of Columbia have laws requiring guns to be locked away in gun safes. Instead of putting yourself at risk of criminal liability, call Curley’s Key Shop for a gun safe.

  7.  Keep Your Guns Away From Thieves  
  8. Guns are often used for protection, but what about when you’re not home? If your guns are not locked up, a burglar can easily break in and steal your valuable guns. That’s bad for many reasons, and a gun safe can help protect your investment.

  9. There are Insurance Requirements & Discounts Available
  10. Depending on how many guns you own and the type of guns, your insurance company may require you to have a gun safe if you want them protected under your insurance policy. If it’s not required by your insurance company, you still might be offered a discount on your premium if you have a gun safe installed.

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