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Protect Your Loved Ones – Come to Curley’s Key Shop

Protect Your Loved Ones – Come to Curley’s Key Shop

Protect Your Loved Ones – Come to Curley’s Key Shop

Is there anything more important than making sure your loved ones are safe and secure? Absolutely not! Making sure your loved ones are protected will always be a top priority. But how can you do that most effectively? It can be hard to know exactly what to do to enhance their security.

There’s a lot of talk these days about security online, especially in light of the recent massive data breach at Experian. You can set plenty of privacy controls on the TV and your kids’ phones, and enable all kinds of spyware-blocking software and special apps, which all make a real difference in terms of your family’s cyber security. But what about their physical security?

Of course, you lock your home and car doors every night, plus you counsel your kids to always be aware of their surroundings and walk with a buddy at night whenever possible. Maybe you’ve even taught your kids a couple self-defense moves, just in case. But you may be unwittingly subjecting your family to a break-in if it’s been more than a year since you replaced the locks on your home.

Plenty of people go years – maybe even decades – without replacing the locks on their homes. It can be a classic case of something that can be done anytime never actually gets done. Put yourself on a deadline – say, you need to take care of it by the end of this week – and get it done. The security of your family greatly depends on it!

Just think about it for a second – how many people have been in your home since you last had your locks replaced? The dog walker, babysitter, friends, family, Amazon and UPS delivery people, and more. Sure, you can say that you trust these people (maybe), but are you 100% sure? Probably not!

Why replace your home’s locks?

It’s essential that you have the locks in your home replaced once a year – so if it’s been longer than that, stop by Curley's Key Shop or give us a call at 909-622-6716. At Curley's Key Shop, we have everything you need to enhance your home’s security. Get new locks (and have them professionally installed by our expert locksmiths) and consider boosting your home’s security by getting a CCTV system (closed circuit TV system). You can have new keys made, make appointments to have your security equipment installed, and check out thousands of security products for your home and business properties. We also have high quality safes for you to protect your prized possessions in.

When you come to Curley's Key Shop, you’ll find that our helpful staff is always ready and willing to help you with all your home, business, and automotive security needs. Come to Curley's Key Shop today! We’re located at 306 E. Monterey Ave. Pomona, CA 91767 and our business hours are Mon through Fri 8:30 – 5:00, Sat 9:00-1:00.

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