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Depository Safes

Depository Safes

Depository SafesDoes your business utilize high amounts of cash on a daily basis? Then you need a high quality depository safe that’ll keep your funds secure 24/7. Here at Curley's Key Shop, we have a wide assortment of fantastic safes that business owners have been depending on for over 73 years. Put our expertise to work for you – let us help you select a quality depository safe that you and your employees will be able to confidently rely on for decades to come. 

AMSEC Depository Safes

AMSEC has specifically designed depository safes to meet the needs of modern businesses. At Curley's Key Shop, we have 16 AMSEC depositary safe models to choose from, each of which is equipped with an interior locker to accommodate deposits, a large interior for storage of cash trays, and a door-mounted, recessed coin rack. These safes are recommended for those who require non-returnable deposits such as armored car companies, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. The top locker isn’t recommended for overnight storage of cash or any other valuables.

Let us help you pick out the ideal safe for your unique business

Each business has different security needs, and we want to make sure your business’ valuables are always protected 24/7. Let us help you pick out the perfect safe for your business. There are 16 depository safes to choose from, each of which has many variables, and it can be rather confusing trying to figure out which one is your best choice. Let our safe experts help and avoid all the stress and hassle.

Simply come to our store, which is conveniently located at 306 E. Monterey Ave. Pomona, CA 91767, and speak with one of our safe specialists there. Or give us a call at 909-622-6716 and we’ll give you a free in-person consultation and estimate at your place of business.

Your security partner

Curley's Key Shop is here to meet all your business’ security needs – not just safes, though those are incredibly important for protecting your business assets. We also specialize in CCTV systems. We’ll sell you a high quality CCTV system and expertly install and calibrate it for you so you can protect your business with this essential surveillance technology 24/7. Find out more about our CCTV systems here.

We also provide high quality access control systems, including door entry, video entry, electronic digital locks, access card reader systems, and much more. Learn more about our access control systems here.

Professional locksmith services

We would be amiss if we didn’t mention our locksmith services! Call us anytime you have a locksmith need on your business property and we’ll gladly help you out. Whether you need routine rekeying, emergency lockout services, repair or servicing of locks, or any other locksmith task to be completed, our expert locksmiths will address the issue as efficiently and effectively as possible so you can continue with your normal business operations. Don’t waste time and energy calling discount, inexperienced locksmiths – call Curley's Key Shop for fast, friendly, professional locksmith services – and for all your commercial security needs.

Call us at 909-622-6716 or visit our store at 306 E. Monterey Ave. Pomona, CA 91767.

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