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Thinking about getting a safe?

Thinking about getting a safe?

Thinking about getting a safe?

Curley's Key Shop has been answering questions about safes for over 64 years, so there probably isn’t a single one we haven’t heard at least a few dozen times. That’s no problem, though – we’re always happy to answer your questions about any and all of our residential, commercial, and automotive security products – including safes. Curley's Key Shop specializes in the sale, service, and installation of safes for your home and business. We carry a variety of high quality safes from top manufacturers.

Why should I get a safe?

This is a basic question that you may be pondering. Lots of people find that safes give them real peace of mind that their valuables are safe in their homes and businesses. Your assets will always be secure with a high quality safe from Curley's Key Shop.

Which safe is right for me?

There are so many different kinds of safes. Just looking at the options can make you feel rather overwhelmed. But don’t worry! Our safe specialists would be happy to discuss your security needs and recommend a few safes that will serve your purposes perfectly. Kinds of safes we have include:

  • Gun safes
  • Residential safes (portable safes, free-standing chests, wall safes, floor safes, and more)
  • Commercial safes (under-counter safes, standalone safes, lift-out saves, and more)
  • Luxury fire and burglary safes (we have safes with various locking mechanisms and styles that withstand the heat of a fire for up to 120 minutes and the attack of a determined their for up to 30 minutes)
  • Cash management, deposit, and smart safes (your cash-intensive business will benefit greatly from having a CashWizard safe, which includes cash counting, deposit tracking, access control, and other helpful features)
  • L. listed high security safes (these UL 15 and UL 30 safes have passed rigorous testing by independent auditor Underwriter’s Laboratories)
  • Pharmacy and narcotics safes (reduce the risk of robbery and internal theft with a high-security safe from Curley's Key Shop)

How do I install my safe?

You don’t have to! Call us for all your safe installation needs, too. We’ll be happy to install your safe in a convenient, discreet location in your home or business so you get maximum value from it every day. After expertly, efficiently installing your safe, we won’t leave until you fully understand how to use your safe property and you’re thoroughly satisfied with your quality new safe from Curley's Key Shop.

What should I do if I lose the key or forget the combination to my safe?

Simply call Curley's Key Shop at 909-622-6716. Our safe technicians can open most safe locks and reset manual and digital combination locks. We’ll also help you upgrade the lockset on your current safe to improve security and address access management needs. For instance, we’ll gladly install a spyproof dial, a time lock, or even a fingerprint lock to enhance the security of your safe. Just give us a call for expert safe service anytime.

Got safe questions? Ready to purchase?

Call Curley's Key Shop at 909-622-6716, email curleyskeyshop@verizon.net, or stop by our store, which is conveniently located at 306 E. Monterey Ave. 306 E. Monterey Ave. for expert safe service right here in Pomona, CA. Stay safe out there!

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