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It’s Too Hot to Wait around if you get locked out: Call Curley’s Key Shop for Immediate Assistance

It’s Too Hot to Wait around if you get locked out: Call Curley’s Key Shop for Immediate Assistance

It’s Too Hot to Wait around if you get locked out: Call Curley’s Key Shop for Immediate AssistanceSummer has definitely arrived here in Southern California. The kids are eating popsicles all the time, everyone has those mini-fans at their desks at work, and the air conditioning is on full blast in an attempt to stay cool. Whew – Southern California is no picnic when it’s this hot out! Thankfully, at least it’s a dry heat, so you can feel when you’re getting over heated and you can make a beeline to the air conditioning. In Miami, St. Louis, and many other areas of the country, the heat is so humid you can literally feel the sweat dripping off you as soon as you go outside. Now that’s just nasty!

No matter how dry or humid the heat may be, one thing is for sure: you don’t want to be in it for too long. Heat stroke is a real danger here in Southern California, and dehydration can be a serious problem if you’re outside in the elements for an extended period of time.

Call Curley's Key Shop for immediate assistance

That’s why, if you get locked out of your home, commercial building, or vehicle, you should call Curley's Key Shop at 909-622-6716 right away. Our company truck will zoom right on over to help you out ASAP so you won’t be stuck in this sweltering heat a moment longer than necessary. Every single one of the Curley's Key Shop technicians has a wealth of knowledge and experience about how to unlock any residential, commercial, or automobile lock so you can get in and pump up the AC within minutes after the Curley's Key Shop truck pulls into view.

Don’t get burned!

Don’t risk getting stuck out in the hot sun by calling some other, less reliable company. Sure, maybe their rates are slightly lower than those of Curley's Key Shop, but you’ll have to wait so much longer to get the locksmith services you need. Not only will they probably take longer to show up, their locksmiths may be less experienced than ours – keeping you in the hot Southern Californian sun much longer than necessary. Choosing Curley's Key Shop could mean the difference between getting slightly pink while you wait for help in the hot sun or getting a wicked, lobster-red sunburn. Your choice!

A local company you can trust

It’s a no-brainer – of course you’re going to pick Curley's Key Shop for all your locksmith needs. We’ve been part of the local Pomona area for over 73 years. That’s more than 6 decades of fantastic locksmith and security services. You can definitely trust our level of expertise and reliability!

Not just keys

While we’re very well-known for our superb locksmith services (hence our name), we also provide a whole range of automotive, residential, and commercial security products and services. If you need a lock opened, a new key made, a CCTV system, safe, or any other security products or services, look no further than Curley's Key Shop! Call us at 909-622-6716 or visit our store at 306 E. Monterey Ave. Pomona, CA 91767.

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