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Time to Change Your Locks? Learn about the 4 Types

Time to Change Your Locks? Learn about the 4 Types

Time to Change Your Locks? Learn about the 4 TypesIf you recently purchased a new home or you’ve simply decided the time has come to change your locks, we at Curley's Key Shop can assist you with every step of this important process. The first step that you should take is deciding which types of locks you’d like installed in various doors in your home. This blog article explains the 4 main types of locks, which types of doors they’re most often used for, and some other important considerations.

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First, let’s start with knob locks.

This type of lock is one of the most commonly used ones because they can be used on all kinds of doors, including bedroom doors, garage doors, and rear patio doors. One important consideration about knob locks is that they can be broken fairly easily by anyone who has basic lock picking skills, a rock, or a hammer.

Next up – lever-handle locks.

These sleek, modern-looking locks are an excellent choice for those who want their homes to look extra stylish. Those who use wheelchairs prefer level-handle locks because they’re so easy to open. However, you should be aware that lever-handle locks are also relatively easy to break with force, so you should be careful about which locks are lever-handle ones in your home.

Then, of course – deadbolt locks.

Deadbolt are well-known and frequently used locks because they are very secure. Deadbolt is the most common front door lock because it effectively prevents intruders and are very cost-effective. A deadbolt locking mechanism works via a metal bolt that slides into a door jam. This bolt is controlled by a latch within the door and a keyhole on the outside.

There are 4 main kinds of deadbolt lock styles:

  • Single deadbolts
  • Double deadbolts
  • Jimmy proof deadbolts
  • Captive deadbolts

Last but not least – keyless entry pads.

Keyless entry pads are becoming more and more popular in recent years as the technology becomes more accessible. Electronically controlled locks use a numbered keypad to grant access to a home, instead of a traditional key. They require a code to slide the deadbolt open, and are more expensive than other lock options. Electronic locks feature one of two types of keyless entry pads: touch pad or card (also known as tag) system.

Let us help you decide!

We at Curley's Key Shop are always glad to help homeowners decide which locks would be right for their homes. We can also take care of all the installation tasks, if you’d like, so you can go ahead and do something more fun with your valuable time. Also call us anytime a maintenance issue arises or you get locked out – we’re always available to help you out anytime 24/7. Simply call 909-622-6716 for immediate service.

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