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Is your commercial building secure?

Is your commercial building secure?

Is your commercial building secure?Have you ever gone home after a long day at work and wondered if your commercial building was totally safe and secure while you were away? Many people do. After all, your entire livelihood is likely kept in that commercial building. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be completely certain that your commercial building is protected 24/7?

Well, you can – with the help of Curley's Key Shop.

It’s true! Curley's Key Shop isn’t just a key service company – we are Southern California’s residential and commercial security specialists. We’ve been providing reliable locksmith and security services in Pomona, CA and the surrounding areas for over 73 years.

Unsure where to start?

Perhaps you’re not sure what would make your commercial building more secure. Many people have no idea where to start to enhance the security of their commercial buildings. No worries! The security experts at Curley's Key Shop will be happy to walk you through all the options and offer personalized recommendations.

Electronic lock systems

Some of our most popular commercial security services include the installation of electronic lock systems. You can choose between digital keypads, door entry systems, buzzer entry systems, video entry systems, proximity readers, electronic digital locks, access card reader systems, computer controlled systems, CCTV and surveillance systems, or any combination of these. We only work with top manufacturers, such as Paxton, Alarm Lock, and Mul-T-Lock, so you can rest assured that your commercial building will always be protected.

Safe sale and installations

Many business benefit from having a secure safe installed on the commercial property. We carry a wide variety of safes from top manufacturers, and our staff will gladly assist you with selecting the exact right one to meet your needs. Make sure your property and assets are secure at all times with a high-quality safe from Curley's Key Shop.

CCTV surveillance cameras

CCTV stands for closed circuit TV. It consists of monitor, wireless transmitters, receivers, and cables that allow you to see and/or record everything that’s happening on your commercial property. CCTV cameras are great for preventing burglary, vandalism, and break-ins, and if a crime does occur on your commercial property, CCTV recordings can be used in investigations and court proceedings as admissible evidence. A CCTV camera system from Curley's Key Shop is a great way to make sure your commercial property is secure 24/7.

Let us handle all the details

The highly trained and experienced staff at Curley's Key Shop will take care of every aspect of your electronic lock system, safe, and/or CCTV system installation. We’ll be glad to set everything up on your property and make sure it’s working property. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have and train you on how to use it properly each day. Call us at 909-622-6716 to get started–you’ll be able to sleep worry-free in no time.

Maintenance and repair service, too!

In the future, if you have any maintenance or repair needs that arise, be sure to keep the number for Curley's Key Shop handy – we’ll be glad to help you out with all your locksmith and commercial property security needs anytime 24/7. We can reach our security specialists anytime at 909-622-6716.

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