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New Year’s Resolution: Make Your Home More Secure

New Year’s Resolution: Make Your Home More Secure

New Year’s Resolution: Make Your Home More SecureWhat are your New Year’s resolutions this year? As usual, just about everyone is recommitting to losing weight by eating healthier and exercising more. Many are adding spirituality goals to their list this year, whether that’s meditating, reading inspirational texts, doing yoga, or simply resolving to take some deep breaths at various intervals throughout each day. Parents are resolving to yell less and laugh with their kids more, and try to keep the clutter at a reasonable level to enjoy being at home more fully.

But are you considering any goals that are a bit more out-of-the-box? Perhaps you could up your game with your dieting resolutions by committing to eliminate potatoes, cookies, or chips from your diet completely for 2016. Or maybe commit to do something that scares you in 2016 to broaden your horizons – go bungee jumping, learn to ride a unicycle, or drive a racecar. Whatever inspires you and gets you excited about 2016, go for it! Seize the day.

Another resolution that’s off the beaten path is to make your home safer. Many of us have a little niggling worry in our heads that our homes aren’t as protected as they should be. Of course, you’d never want to forecast a break-in or other safety issue at your home, but they do happen, so it’s best to be prepared for anything.

But how? How can you make your home safer in 2016?


Come to Curley's Key Shop for personalized recommendations for your particular home, and browse this website for some ideas to get you started right away. One easy way to enhance your home’s security is by changing all of your home’s entrance locks to deadbolts. They are much, much more difficult to manipulate than traditional locks, which can be picked within a few minutes or even seconds if the intruder is an experienced lock-picker. Deadbolt locks are relatively inexpensive, and they don’t wear out, so when you purchase some for your home, it’ll be a one-time investment that will bring security benefits for many decades to come.

If you’d like, Curley's Key Shop can take care of installing your need deadbolt locks for you. Just request locksmith service by calling 909-622-6716, emailing curleyskeyshop@verizon.net, or by stopping by our store, conveniently located at 306 E. Monterey Ave. [address1].

Keyless entry systems

You could also consider upgrading your home’s security by purchasing a keyless entry system from Curley's Key Shop. We have various models available for you to choose from, including ones that have video monitoring, audio communication features, and code entry systems.

CCTV Cameras

Additionally, CCTV cameras are excellent options for those who would like to continuously monitor their property. If a crime is committed in or around your home, video recorded by CCTV cameras is almost always admitted as evidence in a criminal investigation. The presence of CCTV cameras often discourages suspicious activity from occurring at all, so when you have one, you’ll be able to rest assured that your home and its direct vicinity are safe. Curley's Key Shop always has CCTV cameras in stock, and we can take care of installing and testing it for you. If any maintenance issues arise with your CCTV cameras over the years, we also offer 24/7 support. All you have to do is call 909-622-6716 to request help and our technician will pull into your driveway ASAP.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and 100% safe 2016! Happy New Year from all of us at Curley's Key Shop.

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