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Locked out this Christmas Eve? Don’t worry—call Curley’s Key Shop

Locked out this Christmas Eve? Don’t worry—call Curley’s Key Shop

Locked out this Christmas Eve? Don’t worry—call Curley’s Key ShopHoliday parties can lead to all kinds of shenanigans, including losing your keys! If you get locked out of your home, car, or commercial property this holiday season, it doesn’t matter what time of day or night it may be, you can call Curley's Key Shop to help you out. One of our technicians will come to help you out of your predicament as soon as possible—even if it’s 3am on Christmas Eve. That’s our promise to you from all of us at Curley's Key Shop.

Southern Californians love Curley's Key Shop

There are so many reasons why Curley's Key Shop has been Southern California’s favorite locksmith and security company for over 73 years. One of them is the fact that we’re so committed to serving our customers that we’ll get out of bed on Christmas Eve or any other day of the year to make sure you can access your home, car, or commercial property.

Expert service 24/7

Even if it’s 3am on a Christmas morning, our technician will gladly handle all your locksmith needs when you call 909-622-6716 to request emergency service. Our company trucks all come equipped with just about all the tools and gadgets our technicians need to handle whatever problem you throw at them.

Christmas slip-ups? Don’t sweat ‘em

We know how it goes at Christmas time—you go out to a party, you have a few drinks, you head on home, and suddenly after your designated driver drops you at your doorstep, you realize you forgot your key in your friend’s car. Oops! Well, it’s not like you’re going to ask her to come all the way back across town to return your key to you. You’ve already inconvenienced her enough for one night.

No need to worry! Just call 909-622-6716 and one of our technicians will pull up ASAP to let you into your cozy home so you can catch some ZZZ’s before daybreak.

Or perhaps you headed out to midnight mass and in your rush to get the whole family loaded up into the car on time, you realized that you left your car key inside your locked house. DOH! That’s always such a sad sinking feeling when you realize you made a mistake.

But again, no need to worry! Give Curley's Key Shop and we’ll be there to help you in a jiffy. Who knows, you might not even miss any of the mass—our locksmiths are pretty darn quick, so it’s possible! Don’t let Christmas be ruined by a mistake—just call Curley's Key Shop at 909-622-6716 whenever you find yourself in a pickle.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Curley's Key Shop!

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