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Surprising information about your home’s locks from Curley’s Key Shop

Surprising information about your home’s locks from Curley’s Key Shop

Surprising information about your home’s locks from Curley’s Key ShopOne thing is for sure—when it comes to you home’s security, you definitely want to know that your family is safe and secure when you lock up. Here are some important measures you can take to make sure your locks are as secure as possible. In addition, here are some common household mistakes you want to avoid to make sure your home is always protected from unwanted intruders.

Don’t over-do it with locks

Thieves break into almost all homes the exact same way—by breaking the door or frame or both. Having more locks installed on your door is actually counter-productive because it can weaken the structural integrity of your door, making it that much easier to break open.

Having a deadbolt is essential

Deadbolts are #1. Though deadbolt locks cost more upfront than regular locks, they are the best way of deterring unwanted intruders because they can’t be picked very easily.

But only if it’s correctly installed

Additionally, having a deadbolt installed correctly is just as important. The bolts come with a plate that affixes to the door jamb, and it’s imperative that it all snugly fits the door frame well for optimal protection.

Not all deadbolts are created equal. A heavy-duty reinforced deadlock with a reinforced plate that goes on the doorjamb is the most secure choice.

Keep the doorknob locks to a minimum

Doorknob locks don’t really offer much protection at all. They are pretty easily picked with a wrench, pick, and some dexterity. With the increased popularity of the internet, almost anyone can get a hold of a lock-picking kit and potentially break into any building with a simple doorknob lock. That’s why it’s so key to protect your home with more than doorknob locks.

Why invest in great quality locks

The old saying rings true in terms of locks—you get what you pay for. Consider investing in a more expensive lock and rest assured that you’re providing safety and security to your family. At Curley's Key Shop, we can provide you with expert lock recommendations tailored to your preferences and security needs.

Find out more today

Stop by our conveniently-located retail store at 306 E. Monterey Ave. Pomona, CA 91767 to find out more about the locks we offer, including deadbolt and electronic locking systems, and choose which ones are the right ones for your home security needs. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with your residential, vehicle, and commercial locksmith needs.

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