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Great 2015 Father’s Day Gift: Gun Safe

Great 2015 Father’s Day Gift: Gun Safe

Great 2015 Father’s Day Gift: Gun SafeIs your Dad an avid hunter? Is his idea of a fun afternoon going to the shooting range with some friends, then hitting the bar for some delicious beers?

Does he love his kids and would do anything to keep them safe? Then he probably has an old rickety gun safe that works okay, but could be better. Consider giving him a thoughtful Father’s Day gift that will honor both his passions: his guns and his kids.

A gun safe from Curley's Key Shop!

At Curley's Key Shop, we have a wide range of gun safes available that suit every dad’s style and budget restrictions. We can recommend the right safe make and model to fit dad’s guns perfectly and leave him with some room to add new guns to his collection in the future.

Curley's Key Shop is a great place to get a safe because our prices are excellent, we provide personalized service so you’ll get exactly what you want and what dad needs this Father’s Day, and people all over the Pomona area have relied on our expert advice for over 73 years. Come to Curley's Key Shop for an awesome, memorable Father’s Day gift this year. Your dad will love it!

It gets better:

At Curley's Key Shop, we will not only explain the different gun safe options to you, but we’ll take care of the installation, maintenance, and necessary repairs for as long as you own it. Curley's Key Shop is your one stop shop for all your gun safe needs, now and in the future.

For example:

  • If you set the combination and forget it, we can open it for you.
  • If you want an older safe retrofitted with a digital unlocking mechanism, we can do that.
  • We can change your safe combination for you at any time.
  • We can recommend the best safe to fit your needs perfectly without causing you to overspend.

Is your dad a businessman too?

We can also meet your dad’s commercial safe needs, too. Secure business earnings with an excellent commercial safe from Curley's Key Shop. Don’t leave your dad’s company’s success up to chance—guard money with a safe from Curley's Key Shop. We can recommend the best commercial grade safe so meet your need, train your dad on how to use it effectively, and cover any maintenance needs that arise at any time.

Fast, reliable emergency service for safes

We also have emergency service available outside of regular office hours, because we know that being able to use your safe at all times is essential to successful business operations.

Personalized service

Don’t just go with a huge company, where you don’t matter, where you’re treated as if you were just a number. Come discover the awesomeness of Curley's Key Shop, where you’ll get personalized service every single time you call or stop by our shop at 306 E. Monterey Ave. Pomona, CA 91767.

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