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Help! It’s Thanksgiving and I’m Locked Out! Call Curley’s

Help! It’s Thanksgiving and I’m Locked Out! Call Curley’s

ThanksgivingDid you know that Curley’s Key Shop has 24/7 emergency service available? So it doesn’t matter if it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or 2am on a Sunday morning we will help you get out of trouble anytime. Just call 909-622-6716 and someone will be out to assist you in no time.

When you accidentally lock yourself out of your car, panic can set in quick, but a quick call to Curley’s can have you in your car and getting where you need to go.

Don’t wait for an emergency to come up! Program Curley’s number into your phone so you can call anytime you need to. Put a note card with Curley’s number in your wallet in case you don’t have your phone on you when you get locked out of your car. Plus if you see someone who’s been locked out of their car, you can easily hand over Curley’s number to help them out. Everyone likes being a good Samaritan, and with Curley’s, it’s convenient and easy.

The next time you or someone around you gets locked out of a car, don’t hesitate, and don’t worry. Just call Curley’s Key Shop at  909-622-6716. We’re at your service!

Locked Out? For Emergency Locksmith Service Call 909-622-6716
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