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Kinds of Locks that Ensure Security for Your Home or Business

Kinds of Locks that Ensure Security for Your Home or Business

DeadboltEveryone knows that having a good quality lock for your front door is absolutely essential, but what about ensuring security for other entrance-points to your home? There are a few other essential locks that many home– and business-owners overlook. Make sure you’ve got these areas covered, or you’ll be leaving yourself susceptible to break-ins.

  1. Patio door lock. This one is absolutely key to have covered, because that’s the first place thieves will look when attempting a break-in. Old sliding glass doors often have locks that can easily be picked, so consider upgrading to a more modern lock that has a deadbolt that’s at least an inch long.
  1. This video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMz1tXBVT1s) shows how easy it is to break into someone’s home through a garage door. It only takes 6 seconds, and it can be done with a simple coat hanger. That is not something you want to leave your home susceptible to, so make sure you get a good-quality garage door lock from Curley’s.
  1. Window locks are especially important when there are children in the home. These locks prevent windows from being completely opened, preventing thieves from gaining access to your home, and protecting children from falling out. They can be disengaged for periods when they’re not needed, but windows are an area of baby-proofing many parents overlook. Protect your little ones with window locks from Curley’s.
  1. Keyless entry locks are fantastic for anyone who like the protection offered by traditional locks but doesn’t want to have to have a key on-hand when entering the home. Most keyless entry locks can be programmed with codes for up to 10 people, so family members, neighbors, and close friends can enter the home hassle-free. Consider upgrading your traditional front door lock to something much more snazzy a keyless entry lock from Curley’s.

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