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Increasing Security With Access Control Systems

Increasing Security With Access Control Systems

Control Systems When it comes to security, commercial and industrial businesses alike, are always looking to stay a step ahead of the game. Security can mean everything when it comes to business as breaches of security can lead to theft of goods and private information and ultimately, can ruin a business’ operations. Today, many businesses still rely on the simple lock and key to protect their storefronts and they might have a security camera system to complement this. However, as technology has developed throughout the years the security industry has seen innovations that have changed the game. The standard lock and key system is outdated as today, the more secure option out there are access control systems.

A New Type of Security for Your Business

As burglars have become smarter and more elaborate with their methods so too have security systems. The standard lock and key system offers a basic level of security, but locks can be easily picked or broken. If your facility contains high-valued items then this type of security is simply inadequate. Access control systems have been developed to provide greater security than other types of security systems that are currently on the market. Access control is defined as the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource, and access control systems are designed to do just that. Access control systems are electronic locking systems that are designed to limit who has access to a property or a network. These systems work by using a code, pin, or some other form of credentials to grant access instead of using a key. Typically, a business will select the type of access control system they want to use and a secret code will be selected. Access to the building will then only be granted when the correct code or credentials are entered into the system. There are several different options for entry that a business can choose from. Types of entry include:

  • Access card readers
  • Proximity reader entry
  • Video entry
  • Buzzer entry
  • Digital keypads
  • Computer operated systems

Each type of entry provides access to the facility in a different way so a business should consider which option will be best for them before installing the system.

Why Choose an Access Control System

Access control systems should really be used to protect all types of businesses because simply put, they offer better, more sophisticated protection than standard forms of security. Some of the major advantages of access control systems include:

  • Providing you the ability to control exactly who can and cannot enter. Unlike keys that can simply be copied access control entry requires a certain code or credentials to gain access.
  • The ability to monitor in real time who is entering and exiting the premises.
  • In-depth reporting tools that allow you to see who has entered and exited your facility and the exact times they did so.
  • Ability to use tiered levels of security so only certain people can access certain areas of your facility. This is much more efficient and secure than having multiple keys for multiple doors.
  • Codes and credentials can be easily reset. This prevents your business from having to get locks rekeyed at a high cost to you.

The security advantages that access control systems provide are extremely valuable to businesses and facilities who are looking to keep their locations as safe as possible. If you or your business are considering upgrading the security at your facility come into Curley’s Key Shop to get more information. Our security professionals can advise you on which system may be best for your facility and would be happy to help with installation.

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