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Curley’s Key Shop, Not Just for Keys

Curley’s Key Shop, Not Just for Keys

SafeWhen you think of Curley’s Key Shop, you probably just think about losing the keys to your home or car, and getting them replaced there. But it actually has a lot more to offer, both for the home and business spaces. Here are a few examples.


Don’t risk losing your valuables as a result of theft, fires, floods, or anything else. Curley’s Key Shop has a wide variety of safes to choose from that will meet your needs perfectly. We can also provide installation and repair for any safe available on the market today. Additionally, if you want to upgrade your current safe to one with a digital keypad, we can retrofit that on and have it back in your home in no time. Gun safes are a particularly important item to have in your home, especially if children will be entering your home at any time. We can help you pick the gun safe that will meet your needs perfectly, and assist you with choosing beneficial accessories such as humidifiers and alarms to ensure no one but you will be handling your firearms.


More and more homes and business are being equipped with camera monitoring devices to provide extra security on the building exteriors. Depending on which model you prefer to implement, footage can be viewed on-site or off-site from the building being monitored. CCTV cameras deter people from committing crimes near your home or business because they are a permitted form of evidence in a court of law. Consider getting one today and enjoy more peace of mind tomorrow.

Video Entry

When someone knocks on your door, it’s hard to tell who it is before opening it. Not so if you have a video entry device installed by Curley’s Key Shop. Before allowing someone in, you can look at the video screen and verify that you know the person coming in. This is especially valuable if you live alone or have small children in the home no more nervously asking, “who is it?” before opening the door. Rest assured with a video entry device from Curley’s Key Shop. Browse around this website for more information on our wide array of services at Curley’s Key Shop and give us a call anytime you’d like to find out more at (909) 622-6716. We’re always ready and eager to meet your residential and commercial security needs. 

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