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How a CCTV Can Protect Your Home or Business

How a CCTV Can Protect Your Home or Business

CCTVIf you are looking for a security system for your home or business, a CCTV may be the most appropriate choice for either location. Standing for Closed Circuit Television, this device uses the same basic technology as a standard analog system, but it also possesses a few improvements and advantages over its traditional counterpart. By installing a CCTV in your home or business, you can benefit from greater safety and protection.

What is a CCTV?

The technology of the CCTV is made up of a few basic, individual devices. These machines are merged together to create a single system. The three components of the CCTV are as follows:

  • A digital camera
  • A DVR
  • A monitor

Working together, these devices allow the CCTV to engage in a variety of applications. If you only wish to have a security system in your home, then only a single set of these materials would be required. However, the CCTV is easily expandable, and a large number of cameras, DVRs, and monitors can be used within a more commercial setting.

What are the Features of the Device?

In terms of what the CCTV can actually do, there is an assortment of features available with the security system. Within the camera, for example, there is an electronic sensor that can be used to detect infrared radiation. This ability allows the system to easily monitor a nighttime setting and observe what the human eye is incapable of seeing. CCTVs also have object tracking installed into their software, which gives them the ability to monitor parking lots and observe individuals that occupy open spaces. Like their analog predecessors, DVRs are able to store video files into an archive. However, they are also able to stream the recorded video over the Internet, and they place files in long-term storage devices, which prevents the video from degrading over time. Every file created by the CCTV is digital, and this improves the quality of the system immensely. The images on the monitor have greater clarity, and the cameras are able to capture events in far more detail than ever before.

What Do You Gain With a CCTV?

When you are trying to work through the benefits of the CCTV, you should simply consider the protection and surveillance that you would have at your disposal. Employees and customers feel safer knowing there is a security system that can capture criminal activity. Possible offenders are also deterred from illegal actions when they know they are being watched. The features of the CCTV can be used for so many different applications, and the safety of your home or business is sure to improve. If you want to talk to a professional about obtaining a CCTV, contact Curley’s Key Shop to receive more information about this inestimable security system.

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