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3 Places a Thief may Look for a Hidden House Key

3 Places a Thief may Look for a Hidden House Key

House KeyHiding a key to one’s home is a common practice today. What many do not know, however, is that leaving a hidden key in a convenient place may dramatically compromise the security of the home. Those who make a practice of breaking into homes, often know the top five hiding places for keys and use this knowledge to their advantage.

Near the Door

The first  and most common place for hiding a key is near the front door.  This could be under a door mat, inside of a nearby flower pot, or even inside of that unobtrusive hollow plastic rock.  Many choose to leave the key close to the front door for convenience, and most thieves know that this is common.  By leaving a key that is convenient to those who live in the home, you are also leaving a convenient key for a thief.

In the Grill

Another common hiding place that thieves commonly check is the backyard barbeque.  This may be because it is made out of metal, making it an ideal place to stick a magnetic key box.  While this location may not be quite as convenient or easy to get to, a determined individual will have no qualms about walking around to the back yard and inspecting the grill.

Under a Bumper

Hiding a spare key under the bumper of a vehicle that rarely moves from its spot in the driveway is also all too predictable. Again, this is because of the popularity of magnetic key boxes.  It is relatively simple for someone to pull into a driveway while nobody is home and feel underneath a car that rarely moves.

Be Unpredictable

Instead of hiding a house key in a completely predictable place, it is a better idea to think outside of the box. This could mean that you hide your key under a loose piece of vinyl siding on your home, under a driveway paver stone, or even inside of a small hole in a nearby tree.  By storing a key in a more random place, a thief is far less likely to find it and use it to get into your home.

Upgrade Your Locks

Even better and more secure than finding the perfect hiding place, is installing new door locks that are keyless. Today, there are locks that open with only specific fingerprints, numeric codes, or remote controls.  One of the safest types of door locks can be activated with a key fob remote.  This is because it can be activated as one walks up to the home, instead of having to stand outside of the door while unlocking the door.

The days of needing to hide a house key and remember where it is hidden are long gone. Today, it is possible to have both safety and security, without sacrificing convenience.  By visiting a reputable key shop, you will be able to determine which type of lock will be the best for your home.

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