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Why You Should Be Friends with a Locksmith

Why You Should Be Friends with a Locksmith

Friends with a LocksmithYou may have considered the merits of having a friend who knows how to fix your car or your computer. Maybe you purposely searched out a friend with some legal expertise. You might be really glad to have a friend to help you with your taxes, but have you ever thought about the value of a friend who is a locksmith? When you drive up to your home late one night and lock your keys inside your car, you will be glad to know that help is just a phone call away – if you know a locksmith, that is.

You may also be interested to know, however, that the skills of a qualified locksmith go far beyond letting you back into your car.

Upgrade Your Security

A really good locksmith can review the security of your home or business and provide you with the advice and tools you need to be safe. This might mean a simple change like replacing old, worn locks with new locks. It might mean an entire system overhaul with video entry, computer operated systems, or proximity reader systems. Maybe you could use a safe in the backroom at your business in order to keep valuables away from unscrupulous hands.

Commercial and Industrial Properties

If you own a business, then you realize the value of partnering with other reputable businesses. In this case, the locksmith can provide you with plenty of services:

  • Re-keying locks
  • Providing repairs and maintenance
  • Creating master keys and cutting keys
  • Opening safes
  • Setting up security systems, including cameras
  • Installing hardware
  • Providing emergency service

Have you ever arrived at work without your keys? If so, you are in good company. Fortunately, your friend, the locksmith is often available 24 hours a day/seven days a week, even on weekends and holidays.

Automotive Services

When you have locked your keys in the car, it is nice to know that help is on the way. This particular situation may be one of the most common to draw the lock professional out to work. In addition to the typical service of opening your car door, the locksmith can provide you with duplicate keys, remove broken keys from the lock, create keys with transponder chips, and re-key your locks. If you have an expensive car with specialized or foreign keys, it will be necessary to have the services of a top quality locksmith.

Your New Best Friend

If you have recently locked yourself out, lost your keys, broke a key in the lock, or suffered any other key mishaps, then call Curley’s Key Shop. Find out how many services a friendly locksmith has to offer you.

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