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Why Change the Keys?

Why Change the Keys?

Change the KeysKeys are a powerful component of a security system. What is the first step you take to protect your car from thieves? You lock it. When you leave your home or return home, what is one thing that you consistently do? Pull out your keys to lock or unlock the door. If you have valuables, where do you store them? Under lock and key. So when your security is compromised in any way, one of the best ways to improve your safety is to replace the locks.


Many people go through their lives taking locks and keys for granted. Keyed access is everywhere: at home, in the car, at work, and even at church. When those individuals are confronted by a break-in or a robbery, security quickly takes on new importance. A common step for these people to take is to change their locks and update the rest of their security. Once the lock has been damaged by an intruder, it is more likely to malfunction and less likely to provide you with the level of safety that you’ve come to expect.

Keys that Are Lost or Stolen

Stolen or lost keys are a problem that affects a lot of people. If you suspect that your keys are not just misplaced, then take quick action. Identify which keys have been lost and then prioritize them according to the level of security risk that those keys represent. For example, your outdoor locks should be replaced before the locks to personal items. The sooner you act, the sooner you will stop worrying about who has your keys and access to your home and family.

New Home or New Roommate?

You don’t always need to wait for something bad to happen before you change the locks. Maybe you have recently purchased a new home. Are you willing to trust that the previous owners have given you all of the keys to the home? If you share an apartment with a roommate and you have recently made a change, you’ll probably want to change the locks. This just gives you the peace of mind that old roommates won’t be tempted to stop by without permission.

Damaged or Aging Locks

Finally, old and damaged locks should be replaced. Aging locks are easier for intruders to break through. When you see any signs of:

  • Rust
  • Tarnish
  • Worn surfaces
  • Misalignment between the lock and the jamb
  • Difficulty using the key

Peace of Mind

When your safety is a priority, then your locks should also be at the top of your list. Watch for signs of damage. Replace locks when they have been tampered with or damaged. Change out old locks with new locks when you aren’t sure who has a copy of your keys. Contact a professional at Curley’s Key Shop for quality workmanship. The security of your home is the “key” to knowing that you and your family are safe.

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