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Tips for Preventing Theft from a Vehicle

Tips for Preventing Theft from a Vehicle

Avoid making yourself a target for thieves with these simple tips

automotive locksmith servicesAccording to the LAPD’s latest data, there were 987 cases of motor vehicle theft and 1816 cases of burglary or theft from a vehicle within the last month. While it’s not known how many of these incidents involved unlocked vehicles, it is certainly true that an unlocked car—particularly one that obviously contains valuables—is an open invitation to thieves. Here is some advice from Curley’s Keyshop about how to prevent becoming a victim of a vehicle-related theft.

Lock Your Vehicle

Obviously, locking your vehicle is very important for personal security. Be sure all doors on your vehicle are locked, even if you are just leaving your car for a moment. One popular tactic for thieves stealing items from parked cars is to locate an unlocked car, climb inside, root through your glove box, coin tray, seat pockets, etc. for cash or electronics, and then quietly exit the vehicle without fully shutting the door. Even if the thief doesn’t find anything worth stealing in your vehicle, the open door may cause your battery to run down leaving you with a costly and annoying surprise.

Hide Your Valuables

While it’s better not to leave valuables in the car at all, sometimes you can’t avoid it. Never leave your valuables in plain sight though. Lock them in the trunk or glovebox, or hide them under the seats. Definitely do not leave small electronics such as a GPS, cell phone, iPad, etc. out in plain sight as these items are very attractive to thieves.

Park in Safe, Well-Lit Areas

Another tip that can help deter thieves is parking in safe, well-lit areas, preferably ones that also have security cameras. A smart thief is not going to want to expose themselves to the additional risk associated with breaking into a car in such an environment.

Don’t Postpone Lock Repair

When your locks are sticky or stiff or your keys are damaged, it can make locking and unlocking your vehicle a real hassle. You may be tempted to just give up on locking your vehicle and figure you’ll take your chances about being broken into. Why take this risk when you can get fast, effective, and affordable automotive locksmith services from Curley’s Keyshop? We can replace all kinds of locks and we can even provide high-tech key copies. You can call us for help 24/7 and we’ll come as fast as we can to help keep your vehicle secure from thieves.

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