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Four Reasons to Replace a Lock

Four Reasons to Replace a Lock

Make sure your locks are able to protect your family and your property!

Four Reasons to Replace a LockWhile a locked door is often enough to deter your typical opportunistic criminal, you do need to make sure your lock is in good condition in order for it to be effective. Here are four reasons why you might need to replace your locks immediately, even if they’re not actually broken.

Wear and Tear

Over time, even the best locks can become damaged due to wear and tear. They may become tarnished or rusty, and the pins inside a tumbler lock might get sticky. Old, worn locks pose two problems. First of all, they are easier for intruders to open using lockpicking tools & techniques. Secondly, they are harder for you and your family to open using your keys. If your lock is getting harder to open, if you have to jiggle the key a certain way or use a lot of force to make the lock turn, or if the lock seems harder to use on cold nights, you should definitely replace it. Don’t wait for the lock to jam or break completely, as you will then be facing an inconvenient lockout situation!

Break Ins

If your lock is broken in a break in, obviously you will need to replace it. But did you know you should also replace your lock even if it is not visibly damaged? The reason for this is that picking a lock or prying it open in a break in can stress the lock components and diminish its mechanical integrity, potentially leaving you more vulnerable to future break ins.

Missing Keys

If you have lost your keys or had them stolen, it’s possible that a thief might use them to gain access to your home. Naturally you will want to replace or rekey your locks if this happens. If your keys go missing frequently, you might consider switching to an electronic lock so you won’t have to worry about keys at all.

Old Roommates

If you have had roommates or tenants of any kind on your property, it is a good idea to change the locks after they move out. Even if they have returned the keys you issued them, they could have secretly made other copies. It may seem a bit paranoid, but in reality it’s simply better for your peace of mind and your security to guard against this possibility by changing your locks.

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