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Bring Your Security into the 21st Century with Electronic Locks

Bring Your Security into the 21st Century with Electronic Locks

Access control system

New technology from Kwikset turns your smartphone into a key

If you lose your keys a lot, you might want to consider switching to an electronic lock. These high-tech locks replace the traditional metal key with a code, access card, or encrypted signal from your smart phone. Besides reducing your risk of locking yourself out by losing your keys, many electronic locks also deliver additional benefits. Some interesting types of electronic locks and their unique benefits are described below.

Card Readers

Electronic locks that use an access card instead of a key have been commonplace at many corporate properties for years. Now, these systems have become accessible to small business owners as well. One of the best side benefits of this kind of access control system is that it enables you to track who used their card to open which door when. This can improve internal security and accountability. Be careful when choosing your system, however, as many of these products do feature a manual keyhole for emergency use, and this keyhole could be vulnerable to lockpicking if you don’t choose wisely.

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks are similar to card readers, but instead of an access card they require an access code to be inputted into the keypad in order to open the door. Keypad locks are a natural fit for commercial and residential properties alike, because versions that control a simple deadbolt attached to an ordinary doorknob are available. One big benefit of using a keypad lock is that you can easily change the access code on your own. For example, maybe you have a roommate who decides to move out. If you had given them a regular key, you would have to rekey all your locks for security purposes. But if you have a keypad lock, you can simply program in a new code.

Kevo from Kwikset

Another option is an electronic lock that uses a signal from your smartphone as its key. One such product comes from Kwikset and is called Kevo. Currently Kevo is only compatible with iPhones, but if you don’t have an iPhone you can substitute an electronic key fob instead. This system is very convenient because you can issue eKeys to anyone you want, making their iPhones compatible with your lock. You remain in full control of all eKeys that you create and you can view, track, or delete an eKey you’ve issued at any time. So, for example, if you issue an eKey to a housesitter while you’re away, when you return you can simply delete that eKey and rest assured that that person will no longer have access to your home.
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