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What to Look for in a Padlock

What to Look for in a Padlock

A quality padlock can resist picking, cutting, and smashing

What to Look for in a PadlockPadlocks are very versatile locks with many applications, capable of securing everything from a toolbox, locker, or shed to a building door or perimeter fence. Getting a quality padlock plays an important role in keeping your property secure, but don’t forget that whatever the padlock is attached to also needs to be strong in order to thwart the efforts of thieves.
Here are three important features to look for in your padlock.

Strong Lock Body

Padlocks come in three different lock body types: solid-body, shrouded, and laminated. A solid-body lock is the weakest, and a cheap solid-body lock can be smashed pretty easily by any thief with a hammer, pipe wrench, or other heavy tool. A laminated lock is best at resisting brute force attacks. This type of lock body is made from many separate plates of steel all riveted together, enabling the lock to distribute stress and remain intact even if some of the plates break. This type of lock can take a bullet without breaking!

Hardened and/or Hidden Shackle

Another important aspect to consider is the padlock’s shackle. If you go for a cheap padlock, a thief will simply snip through the shackle with a pair of bolt cutters. A shrouded lock body helps to protect against bolt cutters by leaving only as much of the shackle as is strictly necessary exposed. You can also look for padlocks featuring hardened shackles made from special materials that can better resist cutting and grinding with power tools.

Resistance to Lock Picking

Most thieves are looking for a low-risk target and will be deterred by the presence of a quality padlock that can’t be quickly cut or smashed. However, if your lock will be in an out-of-the-way place where a thief might have time to pick the lock unnoticed, you will want to make sure your padlock will pose a challenge. You can look for padlocks with pick-resistant cylinders or padlocks that use combinations instead of keys.

Need Help Choosing a Padlock?

There are a lot of different padlocks on the market today, and you may feel yourself feeling overwhelmed by all your choices. Fortunately, you can turn to a trusted neighborhood locksmith like Curley’s Keyshop for help. Our expert staff will not only help you choose the best padlock for your application, we can also suggest other security measures such as CCTV cameras that will further aid in deterring theft on your property. Feel free to stop by our shop to check out our selection of padlocks and other security products.

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