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Keep Your Home or Business Safe with a Custom CCTV System

Keep Your Home or Business Safe with a Custom CCTV System

Surveillance cameraCCTV cameras offer many security benefits to home and business owners, and can function as both a deterrent to potential crimes and as a source of evidence when crimes or workplace accidents occur. If you have concerns about the security of your property, a high-quality CCTV system could definitely play a big role in allaying your concerns.

Choosing Your CCTV System

At Curley’s Keyshop, we offer two main types of CCTV systems: live stream and recording. For most home and business owners, a live streaming system is not necessary. Live streaming is most useful when you have dedicated security personnel watching the feeds from the cameras at all times. If you do not plan to watch the feeds that often, you will be better off with a system that records the video. That way, if a problem occurs, you can easily rewind the feed and view the video to see exactly what happened. Whether you choose to stream the video to a screen or record it, we can set up the system to allow onsite and/or remote viewing.

Setting Up Your CCTV System

In order for your CCTV system to be effective, you obviously need to make sure that any incidents will be caught on video. This means considering the placement of each camera very carefully. The pros from Curley’s Keyshop can help you with this process. In general, you will probably want to make sure you have a camera on each entrance, as well as on any areas that are especially sensitive, such as the room where your safe is or where your valuables are kept. Making sure your CCTV cameras are obvious to visitors and passers-by is also important. Research suggests that simply making people aware that cameras are present can make areas safer. The safer the street in front of your store feels, the busier it will likely be, and the less opportunity criminals or vandals will have to commit crimes unobserved.

Maintaining Your CCTV System

In order to get maximum peace of mind from your CCTV system, you need to be certain it is working properly at all times. We recommend having a qualified technician inspect and service the system on a regular basis. They should check the electronic components as well as dust the camera lenses and adjust camera positions as needed. That way, you can be sure that the equipment is in good condition and will be able to capture the evidence you may need in the event of a crime or workplace accident.

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