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Your Local Locksmith Chino CA Knows the Territory!

Your Local Locksmith Chino CA Knows the Territory!

24 Hour Service - Curley's Key ShopWhen it comes to your lock and security needs, it pays to go local. By choosing a local locksmith Chino CA like Curley’s Keyshop, you can find a partner who really knows the territory and understands your needs exactly! Here are 3 reasons that a local locksmith Chino CA can serve you better.

We Won’t Get Lost

When you have an emergency, you need help right away. You might have locked a pet in a hot car or locked yourself out of your home with your three-year-old inside. Or maybe you’ve broken the key off in your car door lock while it’s parked in a tow zone! Either way, you don’t want to wait one minute longer than you have to for the locksmith to show up. Because we’re a local business that’s been around for over 50 years, we know every inch of Pomona and the surrounding communities. Give us an address and one of our mobile locksmiths will be there in no time flat to unlock your car or home and avert disaster. We won’t get lost on the way! We can even come to your aid if you’re not exactly sure of the address—for example if your car needs unlocking at a street corner somewhere. Just describe the landmarks and we’ll figure out how to find you.

We Understand Local Trends

While the days of leaving your car or home unlocked on a daily basis are behind us, many local communities have low crime rates and don’t need heavy-duty locks or security cameras. Because we know the local areas so well, we can help you select locks and other security products to provide the right level of security for your property. We know which areas are most at risk for burglaries or theft and we can recommend more robust products for homes and businesses in those areas. Of course, we are happy to provide whatever locks and products you require for your own peace of mind, no matter where you might be located.

We Care About Customers

Unlike big chains, your local locksmith Chino CA actually cares about each customer individually. We rely on repeat business and referrals, and so you know we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are happy with our products and services. We employ only the best local locksmiths and every single person on our team is dedicated to providing superior service and advice. So if you want friendly, personalized, expert attention, come visit us at Curley’s Keyshop.

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